3 BHK Premium

1444.42 Sq.Ft.
Floor Plans

3 BHK Super Premium

1636.77 Sq.Ft.
Floor Plans

4 BHK Premium

2060.44 Sq.Ft.
Floor Plans

4 BHK Super Premium

2387.13 Sq.Ft.
Floor Plans


We at Maze Buildcon Pvt ltd, help you to provide with the different kind of floor plans so it gives you an easy and simple approach about which is the best Residential property after checking the floor plans. Floor Plans are basically the kind of drawing which shows you complete layout of the home or property and affordable Flats. However our Floor plans basically illustrate the location of the walls, windows, stairs and doors and also fixed installations like the bathroom fixtures, appliances and kitchen cabinetry. Our Floor plans of Luxury Flats are generally drawn to scale which truly indicate the room types, size of the room, and also the wall lengths. Our floor plans show the furniture layouts and it even includes the outdoor areas.

3 BHK/4 BHK Flats in Indore

We have different floor plans, such as of 3 BHK Flat in Indore, 4 BHK Flat in Indore and even the premium category of 3 and 4 BHK. Our floor plans help to illustrate the layouts of property and home. It also shows the entire location of the doors, walls and windows. It also Include the complete measurements, room names as well as the sizes of the room.

3BHK/4 BHK Flat for Sale

Our Floor plans of 4 BHK Flat for Sale is significant to show the proper relationship between the space and rooms, and also to communicate that how one may move through the property. We understand that Floor plans are considered to be essential component of real estate marketing as well as home design, interior design, home building and also the architecture projects. At Maze Buildcon Pvt ltd, we believe that making the floor plan is known as a best way to start the project of home design of any kind.

Our designed floor plan can be used to communicate your ideas much clearly and also to show the potential of the building layout. Making a before floor plan and the after floor plan is also considered as an awesome way to demonstrate scope and scale of the project to the home builder and also the contractor, that will help you to get clear and better idea about the pricing.

We have team of experts who creates the floor plans as they are also much critical to create the layouts of furniture so that you understand what products will fit and also which does not. It will also help you to save good time as well as effort while moving, while you are setting up the new office or home or when you Purchase Flats in Indore and it will certainly help you to avoid incurring any kind of the costly mistakes.

We have a reliable and perfect software for creating the floor plans of different sets of rooms with proper measurement, with this creating a floor plan is quick and accurate.

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