About The Residence


For people who prefer the luxury of space.

For some, luxury of space is a matter of choice. They like it when it’s open and spacey. Where rooms don’t resemble a compromise.

The Residence is for people like these. For a start let’s just have a look at the smallest unit. At 1444.42 square feet built up area (mind you not super built up), here’s an apartment that sets the tone for a grand lifestyle. There’s practically everything here. You name it. It has it. In fact, a little more.

Buying the apartment buildings was basically what people have thought about when they plan to invest their hard earned money in the sector of real estate. On the other hand, the complete flipping phenomenon with the famous notion of investing in the real estate has now become more akin to fix the junker houses.

We are the quickly growing company in space of real estate. Born out from the need to abridge your search to Buy Apartment in Indore, free of forged listings and infinite visits of site, we have created a much unique search platform for property which has filled the gaps that are left by others. We offer Duplex Flat for Sale and Best Township in Indore as our team is led by the much zealous problem-solvers, and we also have a backup of the top investors from entire world, we are also poised to become the much trusted and reliable place to look for a Residential Property in Indore.

If you are searching for the Luxury Apartments in Indore so this might raise various different questions about the condition of the home, about the look of each room and also about the prospect neighborhood area. When we sell the Independent Flats for Sale, it is our goal to ensure your trusted partner during the search and give you details which are completely verified for your home, be it the authentic and genuine pictures or even the actual locality level details of Luxury Flats Indore.

When you Buy Flats in Indore you have quite less amount of competition. However, Apartment buildings are much challenging, since the figure of high dollar involved and many details to master, hence less people take them.

If our customers carry a goal is to become wealthy and to create the multi-million dollar of their net worth and who are looking for Flats For Purchase, we are there to help you. Buying the apartment buildings will certainly get you there quickly. You require less deal to reach the mark of million dollars which will help you to make it much achievable.

We clearly understand that buying the apartment buildings permits you to attain the economies of scale, thereby making the expenses of per unit lower as well as higher margin of cash flow. Since you can easily generate much useable income with the apartment buildings or Purchase Flats, it is feasible financially to hire us, which will allow you to free from management of the property.

We help you to measure the apartments before we make you buy the Flats Purchase. Also, number of the rooms in an apartment might also identify the odds to get new tenants. The location of apartment should also be taken in consideration. We help you fulfill your dream of having a wonderful property or apartment and at the same time we also ensure that the property which you buy is as per your needs and you don’t get to buy the flat or apartment which is not according to your requirements!

Two pools. One on the 8th Floor

The Residence is unlike any other apartment. Not because it wanted to be “different”. It was always a matter of delivering an edge. The pool on the 8th floor just making the whole experience of living a lot more special. Not that the pool on the ground floor is any less special. But an infinity pool opening up into the sky has its own high.

What a Location!


They say, a house is as good as its location. So, what better, then a place in close vicinity with Scheme no.140 and Agrawal Public School. The location is spot on! considering its proximity to the lively city life. But what will impress you most, is the right kind of gentry around.

Airport < 15 K.M

Passport Office < 1 K.M.

Railway Station < 6.7 K.M.

School < 1 K.M.

Bus Stand < 2.5 K.M.

Hospital < 1 K.M.


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The Residence
khasra 93/1 Bicholi Mardana, Behind Vaishnav Dham Mandir , Near Agrawal Public School (IDA Scheme 140 ), Indore – 452016
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